Yama Buddha Found Dead on Bathroom

It is confirmed that Nephop singer and rapper Anil Adhikari aka Yama Buddha has found dead on 14th Jan saturday

The 30 years old rapper who was living on United Kingdom with wife Asmita Adhikari was found dead on his bathroom at around 3 AM (GMT)
The dead body has been kept at Northwick Park Hospital and it is learnt that postmortem will be conducted on Tuesday and police have told his family members to contact them on Monday.

Highlights Nepal got hacked

The leading movies and music distributing media company of Nepal based in the Bakhundole of historic city Patan got hacked by the hacker of Turkey named CW_FEDERIKO.

Highlights Nepal is a company which was established on january 2009 under the companies act of 2006.They were providing the best content of Nepali music and movies and they have library of 200+ Nepali movies.

Highlights Nepal is providing high quality music videos on their youtube channel.
Link to their youtube channel youtube.com/highlightsnepal2009

The hacker says he has already hacked 500+ websites of different countries and nepalinux.org is the last Nepali website which he has hacked.The hacker is contiously hacking websites since 2003 all alone.The CW_FEDERIKO is known as the best hacker of world based in Istanbul.

He clearly says
  NOT TO STOP GOING TO ROAD|I'M ALL ALONE CW_FEDERIKO on the front page of hacked site.

Nepal Telecom Launced 4G service for first time in Nepal

The world of technology is evolving rapidly, and communication technology is no exception. In order to provide the latest communication technology to us in Nepal. Nepal Telecom first introduced the 4G service at an affordable price for GSM mobile subscribers in Nepal.

4G which means for mobile communications standard 3G replacement, and wireless Internet access much faster. 4G is, because it is two of the standard terminology that is used in the same technology, these terms are used in the same sense. Because this technology is capable of much faster than the conventional technology, user feel a better browsing experience on the Internet. Now, without interrupting the video, can be streamed continuously to higher definition, video calls will be more fun.

The list of smartphones which supports 4G


Galaxy S7 edge
Galaxy S6 edge
Samsung j5
Samsung j7
Samsung A5
Samsung A7
Samsung Note 5(duos)
Samsung j5 (prime)
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S6
Samsung jMax Tab


Gionee M5 lite
Gionee M5+
Gionee 6
Gionee 6s


Elite e20
Pearl Black K3


Huawei y6 pro
Huawei gR3
Huawei y62
Huawei gR5
Huawei p8 lite
Huawei p9
Huawei mate 8
Huawei gR5 mini


canvas 6
canvas 5
canvas plus
canvas selfie
canvas express

To enable 4G service you must activate LTE (Long Term Evolution) and Nepal Telecom will provide you activation code.The 4G service is quite expensive than 3G service.
The minimum speed of 4G provided by Nepal Telecom is 35MBps

How to Apply for an F1 Visa (student Visa USA)

An F-1  visa is a non-immigrant visa for those who are willing to study in United States Of America.
If you are planning to attend universities and colleges in United States then you must file F-1 visa application.

Let's jump into the topic
The first step is to apply universities and colleges which are approved by SEVP ( Student Exchange Visitor Program)
and in order to apply for F-1 visa you must be accepted by universities approved by SEVP.

Once you are accepeted by universities then you need to pay up the SEVIS fee to get the form i-20 
The university will provide you form I-20 which must be presented to consular officer when you attend your F-1 visa interview.

After getting form i-20 you need to fill up the  Form DS-160 to take part in interview.
The application must be filled online and the appilication fee is non refundable fee.

After done with SEVIS now you need to prepare visa documents and book visa dates for interview from Embassy of United States Of America.